At Justified Talent - Management Recruiters our commitment is to provide services to our clients which represent unquestionable value-for-money and that starts with our people. We're building a  team who are all seasoned executives (with the requisite silver hair to prove it!). We have each had to hire and fire, manage P&Ls and deliver results through people. AND we've also been frustrated by mediocre management recruitment service providers. We've been clients of management recruiters and we've been poorly treated 'candidates'. Most importantly each member of the team enjoys a reputation for knowing genuine management talent when they see it. A background in recruitment is far far less important than your real-world experience in knowing real talent when you see it (as well as the pretenders).


Our business model allows you to work as much or as little as you like. And you can work from home (providing your workspace meets our WHS and professionalism standards). Our end-to-end methodology covers - Position Briefing | Role Benchmarking | High-Impact Advertising creation | Advertising Placement | Targeted Search | Initial Response Management | Job-Fit Assessment | Leadership Assessment | Culture Fit Assessment | Short List BriefingBehavioural Reference Checking | Salary Package Mediation. We (that is You) conduct as many or as few of the above services on the clients' behalf, as requested by the client, for a set fee per service. There are no hidden fees and we keep working until successful placement. As one of our Subject-Matter-Experts you'll also be paid a set rate based on each of the services you perform for the client . The only target you'll be asked to meet is a Client Satisfaction Rating.


In joining Justified Talent - Management Recruiters you will be operating as a Licensee (who is free to work or not work and free to do other non-competing income generating activities as well). You'll be appointed as a Subject-Matter-Expert in your field (for example, you might be the Logistics Management SME, or the Customer Experience Management SME or the Sales Management SME) in your city. You won't be asked to do any selling - we'll back you with a dedicated Business Development Manager and a Local Area Marketing campaign. We have a proven methodology for attracting, assessing and selecting talented managers for clients and you'll be trained in that methodology too.

In contracting a recruiter the prime reason for doing so must be that they will provide the best possible talent with the highest likelihood of succeeding in the role. At Justified Talent - Management Recruiters we are committed to using as much science in our service as possible. As a consequence central to our methodology is the development of a deep understanding of exactly what it is that predicts success for EACH role clients engage us on. We utilise the ProfileXT, which discerns, in depth, the characteristics which are associated with success in the role. This enables us to build a position profile against which those applying for the role can be benchmarked. The ProfileXT enjoys the highest predictive rating in the world, tripling our ability to predict success in the role in comparison to traditional recruitment methodologies! And of course, you'll be trained in the use of this powerful methodology.

The people you present to our clients as potential employees will be introduced not because you think they'll be successful in the role but because you know they will be! Every person you present to our clients for consideration will be very readily Justified.


This is a genuine business opportunity which can not only give you flexibility, work/life balance and a good income... it has very real potential for building a realisable asset. You'll be part of a business which is disrupting how management recruitment is experienced - without having to be a Gen Y'er!

  • If you 'get' people;
  • If you love the idea of helping others do what they're gifted at doing;
  • If you have been one of the many who has been underwhelmed by management recruiters;
  • If you are a mature and experienced former leader of others;

Then why not make contact with us and have a no-pressure chat about what's happening here. It'll be a call that is very easily Justified. Contact Us here.

Be one of our Subject-Matter-Experts.