At Justified Talent - Management Recruiters our commitment is to provide services to our clients which represent unquestionable value-for-money.As contemporary management and executive recruitters we do not believe that the traditional fee, based on a percentage of the total salary package, is readily justified in this day and age. Consequently our core values are:


Our end-to-end methodology covers - Position Briefing | Role Benchmarking | High-Impact Advertising creation | Advertising Placement | Targeted Search | Initial Response Management | Job-Fit Assessment | Leadership Assessment | Culture Fit Assessment | Short List BriefingBehavioural Reference Checking | Salary Package Mediation.

We will conduct as many or as few of the above services on your behalf for a set fee per service. There are no hidden fees and we will keep working until successful placement. When you engage us there is absolute transparency as to who is doing what and how much your organisation will be paying. Your engagement of our services will always be able to be fully Justified.


In contracting a recruiter the prime reason for doing so must be that they will provide the best possible talent with the highest likelihood of succeeding in the role. At Justified Talent - Management Recruiters we are committed to using as much science in our service as possible. As a consequence central to our methodology is the development of a deep understanding of exactly what it is that predicts success for EACH role you engage us on. We utilise the Profile XT, which discerns, in depth, the characteristics which are associated with success in the role. This enables us to build a position profile against which those applying for the role can be benchmarked. The Profile XT enjoys the highest predictive rating in the world, tripling our ability to predict success in the role in comparison to traditional recruitment methodologies!

Because we specialise in management and senior executive roles, you will also want to know that the people we present to you can and will lead effectively. Subsequently we will also benchmark shortlisted applicants against the E3 Leadership Effectiveness Profile which discerns how effectively leaders engage, enable and empower their team-members to high-performance.

The people at Justified Talent - Management Recruiters have been engaged because they've been in your position. All people who have held senior management roles. All people who have had to manage P&Ls. All people who have had to hire and fire. All people who have experienced the recruitment industry in action - and want to deliver something distinctly different.

The people we present to you as potential employees will be introduced not because we think they'll be successful in the role but because we know they will be! Every person we present to you for consideration will be very readily Justified.


Since time in-memorium the recruitment industry has charged a fee based on a percentage of the incumbent's total salary package. In the case of a $90,000 a year sales manager that could equate to a fee as high as $14,000+. For an HR Director on $180,000 a year it could escalate to $43,000+! At Justified Talent - Management Recruiters we believe that approach is outmoded. Our approach entails a fee for those components of the process you contract us to perform. For those clients contracting us to conduct ALL of the services (outlined in the Transparency section above) the TOTAL outlay is capped at $9999 plus GST - no matter how senior the position. For those clients who contract us for multiple assignments (either simultaneously, or, within a 3-month period) this fee is reduced to $8000 plus GST per role. When you combine the quality and rigour of our work with our outstanding value-for-money fees, using our services is very easily Justified.

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