Recruiting Sales Leaders

From Outbound Call-Centre Team Leader, to Field Sales Manager, to Sales Director

Recruiting HR Leaders

From HRBP to, L&D Manager, to Director - People & Culture

Recruiting Customer Service & Call Centre Leaders

From CS Team Leader, to Outbound Manager, to GM Customer Service

Recruiting Operations Leaders

From Production Team Leader, to Operations Manager, to COO

Maximising your organisation's performance is all about the right people, in the right roles, focused on the right things. Justified Talent - Management Recruiters provides advisory services to help you optimise your organisation's talent. We combine years of experience with the latest behavioural science, ensuring your 'talent' decisions are readily Justified.



Our methodology combines the real-world experience of our senior consultants, with exacting briefs and the science of job-fit assessments. Every person or recommendation presented to you will always be completely Justified.


Our fees are easily Justified. You only pay for the services we perform - as agreed by you at the outset. We charge a fee-per-service. And what's more, our fee is capped! No matter what the role level is!               

Our Focus

Justified Talent - Management Recruiters specialises in attracting, selecting and recruiting talented managers and executives. Our blend of experience, benchmarking and behavioural science ensures you meet the highest quality people for the role, with the highest probability of success in the role. We bring a different approach which ensures your decision to use us is Justified


As the client you choose which elements of the recruitment or assessment process you want us to perform for you – you have control, you have certainty, you have clarity. We are completely transparent.

Our Vision

Our Strength